Vj Taktik

Maxime aka Taktik is a prolific and passionate creative who has been exploring electronic music and visual creation since the 2000s.

He develops electronic instruments and digital tools to create new experiences on stage, especially in the field of video-mapping. Its VJ software (http://www.bazik-vj.com), is used in clubs and festivals around the world. His skills in Motion Design and code are complementary to achieve tailor-made vjing performances. His specialty is movement and synchronization between sound and visuals.

He is a member of the Subtronic association which organizes many events in the Strasbourg region. Djing, Vjing, Mapping and Scenography, all playgrounds are allowed.

We saw him at Aquila Linux Club (Rome), Radion (Amsterdam), La Laiterie (Strasbourg), Mille Club (Brumath), L’Elektron (Bischheim), Molodoï (Strasbourg), Studio ( Strasbourg), at L’Ostra (Nancy F), at the Festival Epidemic Experience (Selestat) and others…



Art, Mapping, Motion Design